Our Story

After 11 years as a distributor rep and 13 years a manufacturer’s rep in the food packaging industry, I  had a Jerry Maguire moment in 2018 and decided to start my own company.  I named it EMC Marketing, after my daughter Elizabeth Mary Conte. The first month, I became the northern California rep for IFP, RB Dwyer, Bemis, and Red Rock Packaging (now LK). Over the next few months, Durable, Amhil, Imperial Box, and Omni Gloves agreed to have me represent them. It was by far the most vulnerable/challenging moment of my career to branch out on my own. I felt I could do the job better, and the only way that was going to happen was by becoming my own boss and being in control of all aspects of the job. 

Two years into EMC Marketing, Cube Packaging contacted me and awarded me the entire state of California to represent as long as I had a person in place for southern California. I told them I had the perfect person in my younger brother Joe.  Joe agreed, and the Conte brothers were now in business together. Joe immediately took over southern California as well as the majority of customer service.

~Rob Conte

Rob and Joe Conte

Rob (Bottom), Joe (top) 1988

Joe and Robe Conte photo 2022

Joe and Rob Conte 2022

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